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Le Parfum Citoyen registers its brand in the world of beauty by changing the way we produce, perceive and buy a perfume. Founded in Nice by Adrien Gautier, grandson of Master Perfumer, the brand embodies the renaissance of artisanal perfumery with a modern, fun and creative twist. Citizen Perfume shakes up all the codes of traditional perfumery by creating luxury perfumes that are locally manufactured, responsible, cruelty-free and at a fair price.

Each Perfume is designed in the form of a modern olfactory portrait, from the captivating French Fatale to the provocative Rebel Princess, to sublimate your personality or express your mood of the moment!

Each perfume has its own style, its character, its desire. A successful alliance between tradition and modernity, Le Parfum Citoyen is designed in a historic workshop in the Grasse region, guaranteeing craftsmanship passed down from generation to generation, since 1888. Our level of attention to detail, passion and respect for traditional French know-how sets us apart from mass production.

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