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 Rita D is a Toronto based jewellery designer who graduated from the prestigious Academy of Fine Arts in Berlin, Germany. Her sensitivity to colour, her attention to detail and her unique combination of materials draws the attention of the fashion world and brings costume jewellery to the next level. she interprets haute couture her way and make every woman who wears her designs look fashionable, unique and sexy. 

"Jewellery to me is my outlet for creative expression. I am inspired by my travels, my family and friends and my experiences. I believe it's all the little things in life that make it into the beautiful intangible thing we try to understand. That's how I create my jewellery, I find intricate beads from all over the world and allow them to become something that is truly original, natural and playful. I hope by purchasing my jewellery, everyone can take a little bit of my life philosophy with them: enjoy the little things and let them all come together naturally to create beauty and wholeness."