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Old World Christmas Reindeer Glass Ornament

In the poem, A Visit From St. Nicholas, Santa Claus travels in a sleigh pulled by eight magical flying reindeer. This was inspired by the legend of the Norwegian Julbok, or Christmas goats, who pulled the chariot of Thor, the thunder god. Santa s reindeer make his magical Christmas trip possible.

  • Size: 4.5"

    About Old World Christmas: Each figural glass ornament produced for The Merck Family's Old World Christmas is hand crafted in age-old tradition using the same techniques that originated in the 1800's. Molten glass is mouth-blown into finely carved molds available only to the Merck Family's Old World Christmas, before a hot solution of liquid silver is poured inside. The ornaments are then hand-painted and glittered in a series of labor-intensive steps to achieve the beautiful creations.