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A'Marie's French Berry Peony Bath Flower

This handmade soap flower is a fun mix of pink and white variegated colors. The center has pink and white twirls of petals and the scent is a fresh berry blend that is a favorite. Inspired by a berry-filled flower garden on a perfect spring day. Choose a petal and enjoy a burst of fragrant lather to cleanse while moisturizing.

This is our fullest flower design with 35 or more hand-cut, hand-pieced petals. Use one petal for an average of 10 hand washes, bathing, shaving, guest soap or a travel soap. The creamy petals moisturize while cleansing. Using a single hand-pieced petal means that the rest of your flower stays together for the next experience. Shimmer tips.

Variegated pink and white. The hand-poured French Berry shades vary from flower to flower with some being lighter white and pink and others being more pink.

Fragrance: The scent of summer-ripened berries blends delectably with a hint of green leaf.

  • Size: Almost 5 inches in diameter and approximately 3 inches high.
  • 97% Natural Ingredients
  • handmade in USA