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A'Marie's Velvet Dream Peony Bath Flower

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A handmade creamy white peony blossom soap flower inspired by the soft, delicate white peonies. This flower has a clean cotton scent. Your day will be cheerful smelling your clean cotton bloom and using the fluffy, lathering petals on your skin.

Fragrance: Clean Cotton, clean layers of cotton mixed with the royal softness of velvety silk.

This is our fullest flower design with 35 or more hand-cut, hand-pieced petals. Use one petal for an average of 10 hand washes, bathing, shaving, guest soap or a travel soap.  Each and every flower is 97% natural and made with shea butter, goat’s milk, coconut oil, extra vegetable glycerin and fine fragrance oils.  The creamy petals moisturize while cleansing. Using a single hand-pieced petal means that the rest of your flower stays together for the next experience. Shimmer tips. 

Take in the aroma and choose one petal to use for many hand washes, creamy bathing or shaving, as a guest soap, or travel with a few of your petals on the go. Enjoy the creamy, soft lather of bathing petals. Store at room temperature

  • Size: Almost 5 inches in diameter and approximately 3 inches high.
  • 97% Natural Ingredients