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Antica Farmacista White Spruce Diffuser 320ml - Limited Edition

Evocative of the rich natural wonder of the forest, the White Spruce diffuser by Antica Farmacista is green, earthy, and utterly transporting. Freshly-cut branches of evergreen trees mingle with bursts of grown-up citrus top notes for a refined twist. An undercurrent of a warm woods accord imparts a lasting, ambery softness. And just so we know we’re celebrating, a caramelized, touch-of-resin sweetness found in the base is a welcome pang of delight.

The home ambiance diffuser is the signature product in the Antica Farmacista home fragrance collection. Utilizing apothecary inspired bottles filled with exquisite essential oil fragrance, the scent permeates the air via reeds which are inserted into the bottle. The reeds absorb the fragrance and subtly distribute it throughout the air, providing lasting, beautiful scent. Customize the intensity and get best results by flipping the reeds — flip every day for more intense scent or once a week for more subtle fragrance.

  • Size: 5.75" x 2.25"
  • Volume: 250ml 
  • packaged in a custom box with Antica's signature label, includes a set of white rattan reeds