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Beekman 1802 - Fresh Cream Vanilla Absolute Bath Salts

Our Beekman 1802 big box of bath salts combines pure dehydrated goat milk and mineral salts to leave your skin feeling beautiful. We also add moisturizing coconut oil for extra hydration. Scented with warm vanilla and rich undertones of sandalwood. The skin moisturizing properties of goat milk enables us to create a unique scrub that doesn't leave your skin feeling greasy like all other scrubs. 

Finely textured salts dissolve quickly to enhance your bath tub for a soothing soak.

Like all our soaps & haircare products, we try to eliminate harmful chemicals while featuring botanical based ingredients from farms - not labs. Goat milk is rich in vitamins and minerals to soften skin. Clean and simple. Just like country life.

Directions: Open plastic bag and pour contents back into this environmentally friendly paper tube. When its time for a soak pour salts into a waiting bath.