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Bomb Cosmetics UK "Wild Strawberry" Bath Mallow

Relax and let the cocoa and shea butters deeply moisturize! With a fresh fruity strawberry accord in combination with fizzy sparkling wine notes

Did you know our Mallows contain Shea butter to nourish your skin? These natural Butters are both renowned for their ability to moisturize and deeply nourish weather-warn skin to bloom through our the day.

Directions for Use 
Drop your Bomb Cosmetics Bath Mallow into a warm bath and it will fizz softly, releasing its moisturizing Cocoa and Shea Fruit Butters into the water to moisturize your skin. Our Bath Creamers also contain wonderful perfumes and essential oils to make your bath smell beautiful. Please ensure you wash any petals away from the bath after use to prevent accidental staining. 

Actual colors are not as vibrant as photographed 

  • Weight: 50g
  • Size: 5cm
  • shrink wrapped
  • handmade in the UK
  • by Bomb Cosmetics