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Champagne Bottle Shaped Celebration Crackers

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This box includes eight individual Champagne bottle shaped crackers, each containing three items: one tissue paper crown, one ice breaker question, tissue confetti and a tassel wine charm drink marker 

Individuals or partners grab the ends and pull to pop open the closed section with a “bang” and reveal the prizes inside. Before prize time, these celebration crackers can stand up on their base and be displayed on tabletops, mantles, and more.

They are perfect for Christmas Day, New Years Day and New Years eve or any occassion that you want to continue on drinking and use your drink markers!

  • Each Cracker contains a trinket, an ice breaker question, tissue confetti and a tassel wine charm drink marker 
  • Box contains 8 pcs 
  • Size: 10"L
  • by Caspari