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CoolSnowGlobes Mini Snow to Go Snow Globe

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Unique, art-inspired snow-only miniature snow globe for home or office decor. White flakes with silver accent flakes drift about in a snowstorm fashion when shaken. Elegant piano-black resin base. For formal or casual settings. Very small, endearing mini snow globe

An engaging snow globe is much more than flittering flakes. It’s an experience, a tiny world to discover. Chillingly beautiful.

Husband and wife art-and-design team, Liz Ross and David Westby created CoolSnowGlobes to encapsulate exquisite moments such as rapturous autumn leaves, the quiet enchantment of fresh snow or a glittering star storm. Based in Vermont and initially inspired by the glorious seasons of New England, CoolSnowGlobes has grown into the foremost designer and manufacturer of hand-painted, heirloom-quality snow globes worldwide. Each unique globe is made of glass which once filled with water, magnifies the objects inside. Every model is painstakingly rendered before being cast and hand-painted and then filled with purified water and "flitter".

  • Size:  2.25" high x 1.75" wide x 1.75" deep.
  • piano black base
  • Packaged in an attractive, cushioned gift box ready for presentation
  • by CoolSnowGlobes