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Cire Trudon Grande Candle - Odalisque

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Cire Trudon’s signature item "Le Grande Bougie", this over-sized large perfumed candle weighs over 6 lbs, is adorned with the Trudon emblum, it has 5 wicks and burns for over 250 hours.

Enclosed in citrus and wood bark, the orange blossom weaves a painter's dream from which escapes the pale volute of smoke from a narghile. As an orientalist painting, furiously romantic, the vigorous scent of the cade, and solar splinter of citrus fruits, come out as a thin blade in the silky shadow of vanilla.

top note : lemon, orange / middle : orange blossom / base : juniper, vanilla

  • Dimensions: 8.5" tall x 7.25" wide
  • Glass vessel with embossed gold-tone emblem
  • 100% natural wax and cotton wick
  • Burn time: 550-650 hours
  • 3kg / 105oz
  • Presented in a Cire Trudon box
  • Made in France
Available by special order - please allow two weeks for delivery