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"Do not disturb" Raffia Hat - Natural

Natural raffia hat with the words "do not disturb" in black script  

Madagascar sun hats with their wide brim really do block the sun. They have a double layer of raffia witch is why they can be woven in two colors, one inside and one out. They are made from the giant leaves of a palm tree that grows primarily in Madagascar.They are some of the biggest leaves in the world. They are dried out, pulled in to strips and woven in to a fine raffia cloth. That cloth is then dyed and sewn by hand in to hats.

Raffia is famous as it is one of the most flexible materials to make hats out of . This means your raffia hat can be crushed without fear of being ruined. Our big brim Madagascar raffia hats are pack-able and are rolled easily for traveling.

  • Size: one size
  • handwoven in Madagascar