Mistral Classic French Soap - Coco Lime


Coco Lime ( Coco Citron Vert en Francais )

Creamy coconut milk infused with fresh-squeezed lime evokes perfect island harmony...

Turquoise waters and tropical breezes carry aromas of luscious coconut milk and fresh-squeezed lime, evoking perfect island harmony.

 Experience one of our most popular soaps, ultra rich Coco Lime French soaps, hand crafted in Provence.

  • Pure Organic Shea Butter
  • Gentle and moisturizing for dry, sensitive skin
  • French milled soap for long lasting use
  • All vegetable French soap
  • 7 oz. / 200g

Aromatic Composition: Top: Grapefruit, Orange, Black Currant Middle: Coconut, Thyme, Peach, Mandarine Base: Rosewood


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