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Olive Grey Liberty of London "Pink Rose" Lavender Eye Pillow

Perfect at the end of a busy day to unwind and de-stress or at the end of a yoga session - in fact, any time you need to relax, also great at bedtime to help you unwind and aid restful sleep. Apart from smelling beautiful, research suggests that Lavender may be useful for treating anxiety, insomnia, depression and restlessness as well as reducing skin irritations and inflammation.

Perfectly scented and weighted, the pillow moulds to your face, helping to relieve tension and relax the muscles around your eyes. The pillow can also be put in the microwave, fridge or freezer and placed on the eyes or forehead (or shoulders!) to help soothe aches & pains. The inner cotton pouch is filled with flaxseeds and dried lavender with a silky smooth & naturally cooling Tana Lawn " Liberty of London" cotton outer pillowcase - removable and washable.

  • Approx ratio - 60% strong scented lavender, 40% flaxseed. 
  • Size: 9.05" x 4.72 / 23cm x 12cm 
  • Material: cotton, lavender, faxseed
  • made in UK
  • by Olive Grey