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Robin Reed Holly and Mistletoe Christmas Crackers

This classy white cracker is printed with sprigs of mistletoe and holly. The end pieces and gathers of the cracker are trimmed in gold foil and the cracker gathers also are decorated with red satin bows and a pair of holly berries. Crackers contain a paper crown (folded tissue party hat), a motto (British joke or riddle), the snap, and one item from our Robin Reed Mayfair Gift Selection.

Click the small photo on the left to view cracker contents. The contents may vary from what is displayed but will be similar in type and value.

  • Each of these 6 handmade party crackers comes with a hat, a joke and a gift
  • Box contains 6 pcs 
  • Size: 12"
  • by Robin Reed 
Arriving Fall 2019 - pre orders available 

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