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Savon Stories Organic Soap - N°4 Rejuvenation Rosehip & Clay

This is not a rose soap like the others. It's the rose soap! For starters, it doesn't dry out the skin — guaranteed! Second, its fragrance is sublime. Made with real rose essential oil, this soap smells exactly as it should — the rose. 100% authentic this rose soap has absolutely nothing to envy to these industrial soaps with a synthetic scent! So when you hear the words “I don't like the rose! our answer is simply: it's because you haven't tested our rose soap. Besides, that may be why it is our best seller! Not to mention that, like everything we know, it has been saponified “cold”. An ancestral method that preserves the properties of the oils and butters used. And finally we added a good dose of detoxifying pink clay. The result? Extra clean and extra smooth skin.

  • Size: 100g
  • made in France
  • by Savon Stories