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Heart Shaped Bee Happy Doormat

This design is ideal for spring/summer and has been popular in other sizes too, this heart shape screams summer smiles. 

These doormats are produced using the best quality coir and fantastic paints produced in the UK. These paints are created especially for coir doormats, ideally these Doormats should be used indoors but they do have good water resistance for sheltered outdoor use. Please ensure that your doormat is either kept under shelter or indoors, this will allow your doormat to look it’s best for a long time. Each of our heart shaped doormats are: Made with a non-slip PVC backing High quality natural coir (coconut fibre) Suitable for indoor & sheltered use

  • Size: 70cm x 1.5cm depth
  • Material: coir, PVC 
  • Hand Printed in UK