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Definition of Our Name Putti Fine Furnishings

May 19, 2013 1 min read

Puttiplural ofput-to


(plural noun) -Puttiare those plump little naked boys with wings that one often sees in Renaissance, Baroque and Rococo art. Typically  aPutto (the singular form) depicts an angel or a cherub, but he may come in the form of a cupid. In either case a putto’s presence symbolizes love, whether divine or of a more earthly nature. Incidentally  you never run across ugly putti in art; they’re so cute you could just pinch them.

We are always getting asked where the name "Putti" came from. For as long as I can remember I have been collecting angels and cherubs. Eighteen years ago when we were thinking of names for the store,we were thinking of names likeAngel ...Ange in French. Then my husband Martin said how about Italian...Angelo? Then he saidPuttiand that was it.I just like the way it sounds...a bit like Gucci or Pucci. The addition ofFine Furnishings comes from our English background as most home furnishings stores in England in the early part of this century referred to themselves as fine furnishing stores. So the name was born "Putti Fine Furnishings"unusual but no one ever forgets it.


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