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All About Putti


 The name "Putti"is plural for the Italian word Putto, referring to a chubby male child, usually nude, sometimes winged.Putti in the classical world of art, were winged infants that were believed to influence human lives. In Renaissance art, the putto was often the companion to the goddess of love Aphrodite or Venus.In Greek Mythology they were a type of messenger spirit. being halfway between the human and the divine. 

 Putti Fine Furnishings is a european style home decore boutique nestled in the up scale Rosedale area in Toronto Canada.Putti opened twenty four years ago primarily as an antique store. Over the years it has evolved into a complete lifestyle shop selling everything for romantic living. 
The store is a series of mini specialty departments within one space. Upon entering you come in to the Living room. Sofas, coffee tables , lamps and accessories.This space has a modern romantic theme.

As you travel further back you will find the gentlemen's room. A safe haven for men in the overly feminine Putti. It is decorated with maps and leather trunks and treasures from around the world. 

Next, you will find the french bistro dining room. Dining tables, dining chairs and buffets all spilling over with white dishes, cutlery, table linens and French glassware.

Beyond this a more sophisticated modern living room space with modern lamps, ottomans and leather armchairs.

The second store front is an ode to all things feminine. The Bedroom section with a bed overflowing with pillow. Vanities and shelves filled with toiletries and french soaps. The fashion section is overflowing with sparkling treasures and linen clothes from Italy.

The perfume section with obscure French and Italian scents. The card room with racks of beautiful english cards and baskets of ribbon. 
Then finally everyones favourite destination the "Pink Room". The walls are lined with shelves filled with partyware and gifts. The baby's room at the very back of the shop has overflowed in to this room now with a range of clothing from infants to young girls.