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Bunny and Carrots Cone Crackers

Who says crackers are just for Christmas?

Delight your guests at Easter with these cone shaped carrot crackers decorated with bunnies. Perfect for rabbit themed parties and Easter. These carrot crackers can stand up on their base and be displayed on tabletops, mantles, and more

Make your Easter dinner livelier and keep your guests at the table longer with the introduction of Easter crackers at each plate.  Known as Poppers in England, when you pull them apart, there is a loud POP! and out falls out a variety of playthings for guests at your table.

  • Each cracker contains a pastel green or lavender bunny ear head band, a mini bunny figurine, and a trivia question or ice breaker
  • Box contains 8 pcs 
  • Size: 10"L
  • by Caspari