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“ This year marks the 50th anniversary of the SUMMER OF LOVE "
A new generation of bohemians had developed through the early 1960´s led by poets, musicians, free spirits and young idealists. In 1967 the counterculture came to a head and the SUMMER OF LOVE  was spread all over the world with it´s highlight in San Fransisco at the Monterey Pop Festivals where 100.000 bohemians spent the summer. The Hippies changed the world and they were the voice of peace, love and a better world. 
SUMMER OF LOVE has it´s design office in Reykjavik, Iceland where our creative team is based. The head office of SUMMER OF LOVE is based in Montreal, Canada. 
Canada and Iceland are in forefront today in what the Hippie movement stood for in the 60´s. Peace, Love, Humanity, Equal rights for all and a hope for better world “.
Peace & Love.