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Thompson Ferrier Gold Malus Apple Candle

Made of ceramic, this Malus scented candle is hand filled with a proprietary soy wax blend, all natural essential oils fragranced by Swiss perfume house Givaudan and cotton wicks that offer a clean burn. A bold scented candle made to be put on display as a statement piece that offers aromatherapy.

The Malus apple is inspired by Greek Mythology. It's a symbol of desire that sparked the Trojan war. The story goes as follows... Ever heard of the Judgement of Paris? Paris, a mortal, is tasked with choosing one of three goddesses to claim the golden apple. Aphrodite's bribe to Paris for it, which offered the love of Helen of Sparta, the wife of Greek king Menelaus and the most beautiful woman in the world, to Paris, takes the win. Off go Aphrodite and Paris to capture Helen from Menelaus. With his wife missing, Menelaus declares a Trojan War. THE Trojan War, to get his wife back.

Fragrance: Citrus pear apple 

  •  Size: 7.5" X 5.5" X 5.5"
  • Weight: 20oz / 550 g Vessel
  • Burn Time: 180-220 hours 
  • Material: ceramic, soy wax, all natural essential oils 
  • hand poured in the USA 
  • by Thompson Ferrier