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DR Vranges Leather Oud Diffuser - 250ml

At the beginning, Leather Oud revels in a sea of delicate flowers: geranium... roses... lily of the valley... caressed by resinous elemi aromas. In the heart of the perfume, the finest leather and the noble agarwood essence Oud take the stage - accompanied by amber, patchouli and rising clouds of incense.

Speaking of the stage: It is made of solid wood - ebony and sandalwood, surrounded by a melange of sensual musk and delicious vanilla...

Though they’re disparate in location and climate, Dr. Vranjes notes that Middle Eastern sand dunes and Tuscan hills share a common characteristic: both are defined by graceful, undulating curves.

The Leather Oud diffuser is a celebration of this similarity, melding the identities of these distinct locales in a precious, intense fusion of oud to represent the Middle East and leather in reference to Italy’s leathermaking heritage.

  • Size: 250ml
  • by DR Vranges