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Nesti Dante Romantica - Wisteria & Lilac Soap

Wisteria & Lilac Soap | Italiano Glicine di Bolgheri e Lilla

This Tuscan  Wisteria & Lilac Soap by Nesti Dante has mysterious and intense floral notes that are intriguingly tactile and caress the skin with pleasure. Romantica by Nesti Dante claims that the magic of flowers links the most unforgettable moments in our lives. The aim of maintaining the high-standard of excellence, which characterizes all of Nesti Dante’s natural soaps, has led Nesti’s master soapmakers through the wonders of Tuscany, in search of six special bouquets that could truly represent their passion for soapmaking. They have selected the essences of the most romantic and emotional elements of our region and made them the heart of six new Nesti Dante soaps. Because they understand that the best bouquets are both an endearing part of our daily lives, as well as encapsulating our fondest memories.
  • Size: 250g / 8.8 oz
  • Made in Italy
  • by Nesti Dante