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Oliver Pluff & Company British Heritage Black Tea Trio

British heritage black tea trio- 3 signature tins

Description: english breakfast is a malty blend of assam, ceylon and kenyan black teas that was invented in 1843 and popularized by queen victoria. english breakfast is commonly served with cream and sugar. introduced to england in the 1800s by an envoy from china

Earl grey is a black tea blend with a distinctive aroma and flavor of bergamot orange which takes its name from england's second earl grey. noted for its richness.

Irish breakfast is a strong black tea with a malty flavor best complemented by milk. irish breakfast yields a stronger cup of tea than large leaf teas.

Ingredients: english breakfast loose tea, earl grey loose tea, irish breakfast loose tea Size/type: 3 signature tins of loose tea - earl grey (2.75oz), english breakfast (3oz), and irish breakfast (4oz), sealed in matte black signature tea tins

Shelf life: 3 years

  • Weight 1.5lb 
  • Size: Width: 2.75 inches. Height: 5.25 inches. Depth: 2.75 inches.
  • Qty: 3pc set 
  • made in Charleston, South Carolina.USA
  • by Oliver Pluff & Company