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Pink Glass Clip on Mushroom Ornaments Set of 6

Pink glass clip on toadstool ornaments in set of 6 gift box 

In the German and other European cultures, mushrooms and toadstools are seen as a good-luck symbol - Glückpilz - and is "The Mushroom" of Christmas and the New Year, especially as a symbol of a blessing at the turn of the New Year. It honors a reverence of nature and the beauty of the forest - if you find one it is believed to bring you good fortune. It is acknowledged to be the most recognized mushroom on earth. This famous mushroom abounds in Christmas decorations, children's story books, and fairy tales.

  • Size: L2.1 x W2.3 x H5.5 cm
  • sold as a set of 6 
  • gift boxed 
  • Material: glass, metal