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Robin Reed "The 12 Days Of Christmas" Charades Crackers

These stunningly illustrated crackers feature the Twelve Days of Christmas in a parchment style water color print. Packed in an unusual display drum to better showcase the classic designs.

Make your meal livelier and keep your guests at the table longer with the introduction of Christmas crackers at each plate.  Known as Poppers in England, when you pull them apart, there is a loud POP! and out falls out a variety of playthings for guests at your table.

Crackers contain a paper crown (folded tissue party hat), a motto (British joke or riddle), the cracker-snap, and a Charade Game 

  • 12 Crackers, hand rolled in parchment and gold
  • Decorative drum container with rope handle
  • Each cracker features a design illustrating the 12 Days of Christmas
  • Each Cracker contains a joke, a hat, trivia and a charade game
  • Each cracker is 2" lx 2" w x 10" h