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RH-ISBN: 9782080135575

The Book of Fine Linen

 A visual tribute to the elegant world of heirloom household fabrics,
from the white linen cloth of ancient Egypt to the rainbow-hued coverlets of today. This lively text introduces heirloom household fabrics, their use, manufacture, embellishments, and care, as well as the infinite variety of fibers and materials used. The author explains how they serve as both unusually revealing testaments of the history of daily life and quintessential examples of the weaver’s craft, often so magnificently decorated that they rival works of art. The text is supplemented by a rich array of paintings, archival photographs, vintage advertisements, and original commissioned photography from collections, private homes, and workshops of the leading contemporary manufacturers. A comprehensive glossary of technical terms, bibliography, and index complete the book. 

  • Hardcover 208 pages 
  • 24.9 x 2.3 x 31.8 cm
  • Author: Francoise de Bonneville