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White Perpetual Shimmer Greenhouse Terrarium Lantern

White greenhoue terrarium perpetual shimmer LED lantern with flowers inside

Add a festive glow to your home with this automatic perpetual swirling snow LED lantern. Designed in a Victorian style, the lantern contains glittery water and a charming gardening scene. When switched on, a warm LED illuminates the scene whilst the automatic blower swirls the glitter around to create a sparkly continuous shimmering effect that reflects dancing light in a dark room.

Because the lantern is battery powered there are no unsightly wires and allows you to place it on any surface. This lantern looks lovely illuminating a table, mantel or windowsill. You could also place it in a porch to greet guests on arrival. It’s a festive  way to brighten your home over the Christmas season.

  • Size:    6 5/8" W. x 3 1/2" D. x 10 3/8" H.
  • Material: plastic
  • requires 3 AA batteries 
  • by Midwest