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"My Favourite Room"- Globe & Mail Article

October 31, 2015 3 min read 8 Comments

So may customers have asked me if my home looks like my shop! ...this article in the Globe & Mail gives a sneak peak. To see more pictures of the house take a look at the listing on Airbnb https://www.airbnb.ca/rooms/6868389 . Everyone is always saying they want to move in to Putti and live there... Now you can!


Why this is Linda Wade’s favourite room


The Globe and Mail

Published Thursday, Oct. 29, 2015 12:00AM EDT

When she was a student of interior design at Toronto’s Humber College, Linda Wade visited a Victorian row house on Macpherson Avenue that one of her classmates had transformed as part of a term project. It was love at first sight. Promising herself that she’d one day own a house just like it, for years she trolled the same Rosedale street in hopes that the property of her dreams would come up for sale. With her late husband, Martin Dwyer, Wade opened Putti Fine Furnishings on nearby Yonge Street in 1994, partly as a way of keeping tabs on the neighbourhood. She told everyone who entered what was top of her bucket list and, as luck would have it, one of her customers – Hilary Farr, co-host of the television show Love It or List It – had what she was looking for. Not only was Farr’s 1895 property on Macpherson, it had exactly the same layout as the one Wade had fallen for during her student days. Before you could say kismet, Wade bought it. That was 17 years ago, and ever since, the indulgent homeowner has been doting on the interior, decorating it with Paris-inspired looks borrowed from her store. The resulting rooms are very pretty, but it’s the living room that most catches the eye. “I love the light,” says Wade, who rents her place out on Airbnb while on professional buying trips to Europe. “It’s where I entertain when people come over.”

The prints

“This herbarium was the first thing I brought into the house. My husband and I had done one up for the store using a herbarium portfolio from France from the 1800s. We liked it so much we had 24 made for the house. I love symmetry, and the fireplace, to me, cried out to have something symmetrical on the flanking walls, and hung from floor to ceiling.”

The daybeds

“I love those daybeds! They are from Oly Studios in California. I found them in a showroom in North Carolina. I had only one at first, but with my love of symmetry I decided to add a second. I like how they frame the sitting area. They are made of hand-carved wood and raffia topped by a stuffed white cotton mattress. They recently became discontinued but I carry something similar looking in my store.”

The mirror

“This was in the shop – and for a number of years. No one had bought it, and after I purchased the house I brought it in and found that it fit perfectly, as if I had had it custom made for the space above the mantel. It’s a gilded antique French mirror also from the 1800s.”

The dogs

“We used to sell these ceramic dogs in the store; I just loved them. They were discontinued and I held on to the last pair my suppliers had for myself. When I was away on a buying trip, a customer came into the store wanting two, and without realizing how very attached I was to them, my store manager, Michael Stewart, went into my house, took what I had, and sold them. I was devastated. It took him over a year of searching but eventually he found another pair for me. He had to drive down to Buffalo to get them. He gave them to me last year for Christmas. They remain among my favourite things in the home.”

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8 Responses

Flora D'Amico
Flora D'Amico

February 13, 2024

Further to my previous comment I wanted to add that Vi has been nothing but a pleasure to to interact with. I always look forward to seeing him when visiting the shop. Linda too of course when she isn’t on one of her many buying trips across the pond. I then look forward to her return , just to see what treasures she has returned with!

Flora D'Amico
Flora D'Amico

February 13, 2024

I have been shopping at Putti for 20+ years now. I first started shopping there when Linda had a small cabinet behind the cash register with a few Christmas ornaments. I highly recommend visiting this wonderful shop at least every season especially during the Christmas season. You will not be disappointed! It is truly a winter wonderland. The staff have always been friendly throughout the years especially Vi (I hope I’ve spelled that correctly). I’m assuming this is the “Oriental person” that one of the commentators was referring to?


September 28, 2023


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December 02, 2022

Just came back from Putti, I go monthly for their wonderful soaps. I was charged 8 dollars more with no explanation, It happened to me last month and today. Always the same oriental guy at the cash, It is not the money, it is the lack of respect to customers. Please, check your receipt from the cash together with the external terminal. Both should be say the same amount. Shame of you!

Nargis Jiwa
Nargis Jiwa

May 02, 2021

Best first time experience….very polite…very professional and outstanding customer service. Super duper lady..Christine.(hope I spelt it right). Keep up the fabulous job…


December 09, 2020

Just picked up some ornaments from Putti – great on line selection and pick up was super easy!
Thank you Putti!!


December 08, 2020

I’ve shopped at Putti a number of times over the years and have always been pleased. My most recent visit was just a few days ago and I want to express my thanks to the staff as I believe that they are going “above and beyond” to assist customers. Challenging times that we are living in just now and Putti is making shopping less of a challenge.
Thanks VERY much!

Anne Miko
Anne Miko

December 01, 2019

I too had the privilege of living in two Victorian homes. Both were over 100 years old with 10 ft ceilings, incredible plaster ceiling medallions and mouldings and Minton tile work around the fireplace.
I will never forget the Christmases in the house I grew up in on Rusholme Rd.
Good memories.
Merry Christmas

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